The MYNT tracker proves itself to be a daily necessity, a seamless addition to lives accustomed to connected devices. The bluetooth tracker outranks other similar devices because MYNT can so quickly become an essential, and goes beyond a simple tracker’s duties

Slightech  |  2016-07-01

Tracker Market Undergoing Transition

According to ABI Research conducted in 2014 concerning personal location devices and applications, the GPS personal tracking market is projected to break $3.5 billion by 2019. In 2017, the market is expected to grow with a CAGR of 40%, and break $1 billion as well

Slightech  |  2016-06-25

MYNT to challenge Tile with a slimmer design, more features

If you’re an absentminded techie who can’t go five minutes without losing your keys, wallet, or both, there’s a new gadget for you. MYNT, a super-thin and stylish tracker just hit Indiegogo hoping to raise

Slightech  |  2016-06-06

MYNT is a Bluetooth tracking tag that also functions as a remote control

Bluetooth trackers are pretty common these days, with various devices cropping up to help you locate phones, keys, bags and even umbrellas . These tags tend to be pretty simple: just stick them on your device and then use a phone app to work out where you lastmyn left the blasted thing.

Slightech  |  2016-06-06